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Create, post and manage a tour in no time.

Our free travel creation and management app allows you to book flights, accommodation, experiences and more. And you get free insurance and guarantees coverage.

Welcome customers online

Chat with your clients, manage your appointments and keep track of every conversation.

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Build trip projects

Draw up customized quotes and edit them in accordance with the traveler’s wishes.

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Book travelers into planes, hotels, activities and more

Your customer is happy with your tailor-made quote? Let us handle their upfront payment and confirm all the bookings.

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Offer 24/7 personalized support to every traveler

Departure date is drawing near and your customer has more and more questions? No need to worry! Our support team is available to answer them all before, during and after the holiday.

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  • Real-time prices and availabilities

    Included for plane tickets, accommodations, experiences, local transportation, car rentals and more.

  • Instant generation of customized quotes and roadbooks

    Roadbooks, quotes and invoices are automated and generation of all travel documents is taken care of as well (travel contract, vouchers).

  • Your sales commissions

    You're entitled to commissions on every booking your customers make with our app. Even if they add services to your trip plan by themselves, foe example plane tickets, we'll take them into account. Making money with us is a straighforward process.

  • We guarantee your customers' trips for you

    In addition to offering travel insurance plans to each traveler who uses our service, we take charge of covering their whole trip with overall guarantee and professional liability (like a traditional travel agency). On your side, you need worry only about their being happy with the services you recommended them.

New in V2.0

Express your creativity using our user-friendly platform.

Vialala is a mobile solution that allows you to manage your trip designer activity with ease. Take your business everywhere with you.

Even more partners

Our booking solution enables you to add your own suppliers, use our huge professional listings and special sustainable partners. You can also manage your customers' additional needs, like visas or safety and health issues.

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The Vialala.app platform is fully digital and mobile, and yet it's as comprehensive as any traditional desktop travel management tool.

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What's inside the box?
Tour design
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Roadbook design
Travel documents for customers
Access to professional listings: plane tickets, accommodation, activities, ticketing, car rental and more
Regulatory financial guarantee and insurance coverage*
24/7 support dedicated to travel designers and customers alike
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(*) Limited to tickets, services and activities booked using the app. Get in touch to find out more. Learn more

Regulation is crystal clear: you have to offer liability and financial guarantee as well as travel insurance plans to your customer
Hear what Marie-Anne Fabre, lawyer, has to say about it

From the moment that you plan tailor-mad trips for your customers, even if you only provide them with recommendations and they still need to make their bookings by themselves, you become liable to abide by several legal obligations: namely professional liability (for any damage incurred).
And if you decide to grow your business, or if travelers ask you to help them book their trips, everything gets strictly and clearly regulated in most countries.

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A fast-growing community of dynamic and committed travel professionals.

Every day we’re joined by new trip designers who choose to handle and guarantee their travel business using vialala.app

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“I couldn’t have done it without the Vialala team.”

Benjamin Cameron
Tour Designer
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“At last, an app that covers all bases for a trip planning business.”

Marco Origez
Trip planner
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“I was immediately attracted by this new app's design and features.”

Helen Shultz
Wedding Planner

Frequently Asked Questions

Vialala is a new concept. We aim at getting all the independent travel creators together, be they tailor-made or sustainable travel specialists. We created the perfect tool for this community of users with a view to enabling them to offer their customers a unique mix of human interaction and new technologies. The best recipe for success! Since we share commissions with you on every trip you get booked using our app, we're confident you'll bring us business. This is why using our tool is and will remain free.

Vialala has many travel creation and management features. They include (without being limited to): - Creation of customizable trip offers - Online publication and Search Engine Optimization of your public profile and tour offers pages - Unlimited free access to multiple professional listings including: plane tickets, hotels and accommodation, experiences and various activities, transportation, sightseeing and events ticketing, car rentals, etc. - Mastercard/Visa/Amex debit-credit customer payment system - Tailor-made roadbooks generation - Multiple maps edition - Generation of all necessary travel documents: customer contract, vouchers, invoices, etc. - Management and follow-up of every booking including front payments and direct commissions negotiation - Live human support is included for both the trip creators and the travelers they entrust us with - Customer support includes: travel insurance offers, legal guarantee for every booked service, customer payment management (including instalments), and personalized support from booking until they get back from their trips. - Seamless revenue-sharing and paperwork management

Vialala has worldwide liability insurance and financial guarantee coverage thanks to French-regulated APST (special travel industry fund). We also boast the French Atout France travel agent license. This means that even in the case of payment default by Vialala, your customers (and ours) will always be taken care of. Anywhere in the world! And we carry insurance for any harm done -thanks to worldwide liability coverage.

No. You can use Vialala solely to make trip offers and post them online. Then nothing prevents you from using your own back-office and management tools to draw up your customers' customized quotes, generate documents and book services. Or you can also settle for selling only trip planning advice and tell your customers to book their services by themselves. But we strongly encourage you to use Vialala since it will make your life so much more simple. And it's the only efficient way to get your customers the best prices, one stop shopping, personalized 24 7 support and full guarantee and insurance coverage!

Once you've created your experiences and your customizable trip ideas, you can post them on vialala.com and your own website. And of course you can use our WordPress plugin to benefit even more from your partnership with us! Then in just one click you can create URL links to your offers and services from your social networks accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Our platform is designed to help you optimize your search engine strategy and online visibility. We use SEO, and digital marketing, and we also run mutually beneficial promotion campaigns. They're organized with the trip creators community! Thanks to Vialala you can at last get rid of outdated management tools altogether. Everything here is so simple and easy. And every day we find new ways to help you promote your activity.

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Satisfying your customers calls for reactivity

An easy way to create tour offers and quotations

Our app enables you to manage your very own services and trips and to make them visible on your personal tours and experience shop page. You can even embed your "product pages" onto your website thanks to our WordPress plugin! As soon as a traveler makes contact with you, simply use the app to chat with him and draw up customized quotes seamlessly. Manage everything from the same place and safeguard your client thanks to our secure payment system and legal financial guarantee.

As soon as your client books the trip, we automatically generate a roadbook from your quote, with all the information the traveler will need. We also provide him with a legally binding contract and vouchers for each service he books.Furthermore, we offer him optional insurances and additional services to help him get a visa when necessary, etc.

Our team is always at the ready, available for your customers and yourself before, during and after the holiday. You can contact us 24/7 by any means you prefer. We also take care of the paperwork and follow up on every booking. Then we contact all travelers when they get back from their trips and we share our views on their satisfaction with you.

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How to become a tour designer with vialala?

Creating and managing tailor-made trips with Vialala is all about making your life simple with your customers and hosts. We designed the best possible app to create and sell tours, including experiences and full tailor-made trips. And we take pride in offering your customers the best customized travel service. This commitment includes: competitive prices, the issue of all travel documents, live support all the way through, and extensive guarantee and insurance coverage.

Is this the right place?

Our fully mobile travel app helps you work quicker, more safely and more efficiently.


Be searchable

Get more sales by using our platform not only as a management tool but as an online outlet for your tailor-made tours and experiences.


Supportive by design

Real live people to help you and your customers 24/7. No bot culture.


Develop your activity and increase your revenue

Book your customers into your own services + add many others. Give more value to your customers through fully covered one-stop shopping and tailor-made service, and diversify your sources of income.


We boast our strategic partnerships with top-tier travel industry players
Less paperwork, more time with travelers
Discover how vialala can help you manage your activity. 

Our booking solution enables you to add your own suppliers and use our huge professional listings, including special sustainable partners. You can also use our system to manage your traveling customers' additional needs (visas, health issues, etc.).

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