Build trip projects

Once you’re in contact with the traveler, you can create the perfect trip together with them and improve your draft as you go. Chat with your customer and customize your quotes thanks to the trip designing toolkit you get free unlimited access to on our platform.

With Vialala, simply use your mobile to create 100% tailor-made trips: it’s dead easy to include services you provide by yourself, like trip planning advice or experience design and tour guiding services. Then add plane tickets, accommodations, experiences, ticketing and every third party service you wish to upsell. For those third party services, you can either let us handle the bookings directly -then we take full responsibility for them. Or you can resell them to us yourself.

If you entrust us with handling the service, we negotiate a commission with its provider and then we split it with you. In this case, Vialala is fully responsible for the booking, payment and production of vouchers for the traveler. This system allows you to earn commissions while devolving legal responsibility for the booking to us.

If you sell us the service, you’re responsible for handling its supplier and you have to meet your home country’s legal requirements regarding such service. You’re free to make your own prices, under one condition: they should be lower or equivalent to public prices (if your supplier sells his services directly). Then Vialala retains 10% of the public price you’ve set as a commission.