Offer 24/7 personalized support to every traveler

Even after all the bookings are confirmed and the travel documents are issued, in the eyes of your customer it’s just the beginning of the trip. New questions arise, and sometimes additional bookings need to be made. No rush, our support team will assist your customers at every step, and of course we’ll help you as well when need be.

Before departure, requests by customers to change their bookings or add new services are taken care of swiftly since each service’s conditions have been made clear from the start. If need be, additional quotes, contract addendums and customer payments are added to the project, and you can simply follow up on every change from your dashboard. In the event of health or safety issues arising, we’ll issue warnings and make contact with you before making any decision.

Then we also make ourselves available during the trip. Live support is needed from time to time, and we make sure we use the communications channels your customers are familiar with, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and more.

When they get back from their holidays, your customers need more live support 🙂
No sweat! We give them support then as well, and if necessary they can log a claim and we’ll handle the matter. Your help may be needed if such situation arises. But we made sure everything was OK all the way, and -fingers crossed- it never happened before.

Usually everything goes well and you get good reviews and hopefully more customers to satisfy!